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Proudly made in Pokeno, Waikato, New Zealand.

The world trusts Yashili

Yashili’s world-leading reputation for innovation and excellence has attracted some of the world’s leading brands. We create bespoke infant formula products for companies around the world. Some of the best in the world trust Yashili.

Some of Our Products & Clients


Kieember is a premium infant formula featuring a light taste and additional nutrients to support the needs of babies and young children. This infant formula is the result of exacting research and study into the constituents of natural breast milk.


Doraler is a premium formula featuring a unique combination of nutritious ingredients designed to support the growth of babies. 

Bluebell Organic

Made from certified organic and high quality New Zealand and imported ingredients, Bluebell Organic is rich in goodness and created with care to nourish babies and young children.


Nutritional experts Nutriall bring all their knowledge and experience to create a multivitamin high-calcium formula specifically designed to provide families with nourishment and health and vitality.

We also provide OEM services to local and international clients

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Premium nutritional products for babies and adults

Our Nutritional base powder  is carefully crafted by a team of international experts for the growth and development of babies.

Superior nutritional products for babies and adults

Breastfeeding is best

Breastfeeding is best for babies. It provides all the nutritional health benefits. In preparation for and during breastfeeding, it’s important that mums eat a healthy, balanced diet. Combined breast and bottle feeding may reduce the supply of your own breast milk, and reversing the decision not to breast feed is difficult. If you’re thinking about bottle feeding your baby, always seek professional advice first – from your doctor, midwife or healthcare professional. When using infant formula, you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use carefully: unnecessary or improper use may make your baby ill. The social and financial implications, such as convenience and cost to a household over time, should also be considered. This information about Yashili infant formula is provided to you for educational and informational purposes only.

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