Proudly Made In New Zealand

We provide our baby with the best care in nursing to support our baby’s development and growth with Super α-Golden Stage infant formula.

Stage 1
0-6 months

This is the most critical period for our little one’s development. Yashili’s dedicated team of paediatric nutrition experts make sure our baby gets the best start in life and gets full nutritional support.

Stage 2
6-12 months

What amazing progress our baby has achieved — growing teeth and starting solids! Life is just getting more and more beautiful each day. We provide additional nutrition support to ensure our baby’s healthy growth.

Stage 3
12-36 months

Our baby’s first steps. Our baby’s first words. We welcome every milestone of our baby’s growth! Yashili’s premium ingredients provide unique nutritional supplements to meet our active toddlers’ strict dietary requirements.

Innovative Deep Cap with Spoon

Hygiene is everything when it comes to preparing formula. Yashili’s second-to-none packaging design innovation “Deep Cap with Spoon” brings hygiene and safety standards to a revolutionary high level. We keep bugs and bacteria at bay!

α baby, born to
be exceptional