OEM Canning

When developing a brand, it can be difficult finding the right supplier to fit all your needs and supply all of your future customers with the quality that they deserve, which is why at Yashili, we offer both OEM Base Powder and OEM Canning so that all the hard work and research is done for you.

After countless years of research, we found ourselves in New Zealand, where we were lucky enough to come across the most nutritious grasses and the most incredible weather conditions to be able to produce the quality that we do.

Every great product needs great packaging, and at Yashili we understand the importance in this – so we have invested thousands of hours into the research and development of our cans.

In the market, you’ll often find cans produced with low quality materials, danger hazards and cans that simply do not have the customers needs in mind. Not only have we developed a very sophisticated procedure for developing our cans, but we have also spent countless hours refining them in order to be as user-friendly as possible.

When combining our highly nutritious base infant formula powder with our OEM Canning services, you’ll find yourself with a world class dairy product to back your brand – so if you are looking to find a company that can fit all your needs get in touch today!