OEM Base Powder

At Yashili, we are committed to providing the world with the highest of quality infant formula. We have a highly sophisticated procedure in place in order to assure that the quality of our base powder formula is to the highest of specification, with each individual can undergoing an extensive process to assure that our children can gain the best start in life.
We welcome anyone that is wanting to partner with Yashili in creating their own brand for resale, so if you have an idea and would like to make the next big infant formula brand whether it be for local or international markets – we want to hear from you.

When looking for a supplier to be the soul base of your infant formula product, it’s understandable that you are going to want to deliver the best end-product possible for your customers in order to build a reputable brand and have something that will create returning customers.

With our establishment here in New Zealand, we have invested the time, research and investment that it takes in order to achieve the ultimate infant formula, so the hard work is already done for you.